The Story of On Point Designs

Hi, I'm Brittany!

I am a born & raised Alaskan - originating from the North Pole, to Anchorage and finally Ketchikan. I never considered myself as "artsy" ... until I moved to this little town that is full of creativity and inspiration. Living in Ketchikan has ultimately made the creative side I never knew existed in me emerge through pointillism.

On Point Designs started in the spring of 2017 because of a set of mandalas I painted on mini canvas panels. I painted them for a group that hides artwork around town for others to find and enjoy. They were such a hit that my boss gifted me rocks he cut and polished himself to paint on! My coworker asked me to paint the view from his cabin on one of the rocks and the end result had me giddy with excitement. My family, coworkers and friends were so encouraging that I decided to keep painting on the rocks. 

About a month later, the owner of The Captain's Lady (a cute little boutique here in Ketchikan on Creek Street) reached out to me and asked if I wanted to sell my creations in her shop! Of course I said yes and I have had my lure earrings in her store since opening day in Spring 2017. 

Over the past year and a half,  I have learned a great deal about myself through my art. But also, that everyone else has a creative side that may be hidden. I encourage you to step out of your shell and try something new, you never know where it might take you. 

Much love,


Written in December 2018